While Washington Bickers, Maryland Senate Unanimously Passes Governor Hogan’s COVID-19 Relief Bill 

As COVID-19 relief negotiations in Washington once again descend into a partisan fight, Governor Hogan is showing how to work across the aisle to deliver results.

Earlier today, the Maryland Senate unanimously passed Governor Hogan’s RELIEF Act, which will provide immediate tax cuts and economic stimulus for Maryland families, small businesses, and those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Governor Hogan proposed this emergency legislation less than a month ago.

Meanwhile, as National Co-Chair of No Labels, Governor Hogan is urging President Biden and Congress to focus on quickly passing essential relief that has bipartisan support, praising the Problem Solvers Caucus proposal to immediately pass funding for COVID-19 vaccine distribution. According to Governor Hogan, “while governors are on the front lines distributing the vaccine, we cannot afford to wait on Washington to get its act together…I urge Congress to vote on this immediately.”